Systems Analysis

At Axiletech, as a system Analyst we gather the client’s requirements and all available information. We break down all collected information in different components to analyze the situation, analyzing project goals, and planning what kinds of attempts which can help users so that their definite requirements can be fulfilled. The process of examining systems and trouble shooting it for development purpose is known as a System Analysis.

In the process of system analysis the major or complex problems are breaking down into its component parts, examining those parts and reconstituting into more capable, efficient and useful way.

Axiletech’s task is to identify the data which has the problems and then follow the processing sequences so that it can be again useful with more efficiently.

What exactly System is?

A set of comprehensive methods, procedures and practices established or formulation to carry out specific activity, perform a duty or solve a problem.

The analysis of a system into its components pieces to study how those components pieces interact and work

  • The survey and planning.
  • The study and analysis.
  • The definition.

Need for the System Analysis:

  • Installing a system without any appropriate plannings leads to great user dissatisafaction and frequanlty causes system faliure.
  • A series of process systematically undertaken to improve a business through the use of computirised information systems.

We at Axiletech as a System Analyst,

  • Plays an important key role in information systems development projects.
  • Understanding and considering your business nature apply technology to solve your business problems.
  • Facilitates our high qualified IT consultants who identify the organizational improvements.

Axiletech’s qualities as a System Analyst,

  • Problem solver.
  • Communicator.
  • Strong personal and professional ethics.
  • Self- disciplined and self motivated consultants.

At Axiletech, as a System Analyst we are often called upon to look critically at systems and redesign or suggest changes which are necessary. Within a business world or outside a business world system analyst helps to estimate whether a system is efficient enough within the context of its overall architecture, and facilitates to discover the options available to the business or the client.