Microsoft Business Productivity Solutions

Axiletech’s Business Productivity Solution (BPS) for office users is a secured hosted [software-as-a-service (SaaS) – cloud-based] seamless solution for document sharing, message sharing, alerts, circular updates, email with security, video conferencing, on demand information access, file and records management, training and remote support solution built on top of Microsoft Online Services (MOS). This helps organizations to become greener using eco friendly IT solution which reduces use of paper. The solution connects multiplication offices and office users in a centralized working environment (workspace) for information exchange, secured file sharing, and enables them to video conference in real time with recording option.

Microsoft Online Services is a set of messaging and collaboration solutions hosted by Microsoft, and consist of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Office Live Meeting, and Office Communications Online. These online services are designed to give your organization streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security, and simplified IT management. Your business benefits from always up-to-date technologies that are deployed rapidly, maximizing your valuable IT resources and reducing your need for infrastructure investments.


  • Document Sharing / Records Management
  • Information sharing, information management
  • File movement between offices (with integrated workflow)
  • Alerts and notifications of intra office circulars
  • Discussion and opinion/debate sharing views between offices, locations, employees.
  • Centralized Workspace for file sharing, collaboration, and workflow enabled files.
  • Unified Communication with secured email communication between offices, branches, employees.
  • E-learning / training activities.
  • Online training with audio video and recording option
  • Video conferencing between offices, 1 to 1 and 1 to many options.
  • Multiple conferences can be made possible between offices separately and simultaneously
  • Video chatting
  • Instant messaging
  • Calendar, task, reminder system
  • Unified messaging policies and platform independent access of information.
  • On demand access of solution via various methods such as, mobile phones*, PDAs* and standard PC/Laptop based access via web browsers.

Benefits of Solution

On Demand Information access
With use of Axiletech’s BPS, the document management and records management becomes simplified as well as provides role based secured two access of the organizational information required with a click.

Alert and on time information Sharing

With use of alerts and circulars features in BPS solution, organizations can push and pull information via alerts to all offices and users irrespective of their geographical location. This solves on time information and notification issue for the organization. All tasks and defined roles receives alert of each and every action defined for document or information sharing in their secured email account as well as their BPS dashboard.

Platform Independent

Since Axiletech’s BPS solution is built on Microsoft Online Services and is securely hosted by Microsoft all activities and processes are managed at server side resulting for an end user a platform independent access to the solution be it a Mobile Phone, PDA, PC, laptop or on the move working using Internet connectivity. All data are centrally stored at repository of hosted secured server.

Save Money

The suite can help boost your financial performance in several ways: First, it provides your business with the tools it needs with virtually no up-front capital investment. Second, the Online Services subscription model makes your monthly IT costs much more predictable. IT leadership can provide much more accurate spending forecasts. Third, you can remove geography as a factor in productivity and help decrease unnecessary travel expenses and top of that saving useful human hours during the travel.

Increase Productivity

The suite’s powerful tools help your employees communicate and collaborate with coworkers, customers, and partners around the world—simply, effectively, and affordably. The suite provides intuitive, easy ways for employees to share information, files, business processes, calendars, instant messaging (IM), voice, conferences, and more.


The Axiletech’s Business Productivity Solution Suite can be activated quickly and cost-effectively to give you the capabilities of the latest platform while protecting your current IT infrastructure. With no additional hardware or software to procure, configure, or manage, and virtually no up-front investment, the suite provides a simple and direct answer to business communication.

Easy Maintenance

Online Services reduces the workload of your IT department. They can now focus on company projects that drive your competitive advantage. Online Services typically reduce the need to install and maintain equipment and software on-premises, help relieve the burden of managing and maintaining business systems, and simplify server management tasks.

First Class Support

These local IT experts are in touch with your business and available to assist your IT staff as needed along the way, building a knowledgeable consulting relationship that can continue to pay business dividends over the long term.


Microsoft Online Services are hosted on a global network of geo-redundant, tier-one data center network architecture. These facilitate disaster recovery using advanced security measures and offering high reliability.


The suite delivers security-enhanced messaging and data access allowing customers to get messages and shared documents across encrypted Internet connections. Online Services employ hosted multilayer filtering from Microsoft Exchange Online to help protect your inbound and outbound e-mail from spam, viruses, phishing scams, and e-mail policy violations.

Leading Edge

A business that uses BPS is using the latest and most cutting edge Microsoft technology blended with Axiletech’s world class services. On top of that, Microsoft ensures that you stay up to date by automatically updating its software so you don’t have to continue investing latest software versions.

Axiletech BPS – Solution Demand (Target Market)

Due to generic nature of Axiletech BPS application it can easily suitable for across industries and verticals where Information Workers (or employees) works at multi location using computer files and processes information which are commonly used in organizational activities. However we can list following targeted market for this solution.

  • Govt and Semi Govt Organizations
  • Corporate and Offices working at multiplication
  • Organization requiring on demand information access.
  • Organization requiring unified messaging policies and common workspace.
  • Educational institutes
  • Non profit institutes
  • Membership Organizations
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Trading Companies
  • All other industries.


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