Axiletech’s Security services are unique which stores and manages documents within an organization and helps to involve enterprises with wide rights of management for the digital assets of an organization.

The digital assets mainly contains electronic documents such as word, excel, PowerPoint, PDF files and/or images of paper documents. Axiletech’s Services facilitates an advantage that no file can be lost using its digital archiving features.

Axiletech is fast growing and now becoming an essential application in an organization which is motivating to comply with the legislative requirements for the management of documentation and to protect its research and official secrete related documents.

  • Axiletech’s Security service is an enterprise ready well-organized product solution which helps organizations to overcome all hazards which generates by adopting electronic and automated approach for document management.
  • With utilization of Security services of Axiletech, proper workflow structures can be incorporated which can help to create access, modify, review, approve and search documents.
  • Axiletech’s Security service not just assists your organization to secure your documents but also incorporate your documents with MS Office Documents and PDF files.
  • Axiletech’s Security is available in various versions and can help to protect PDF, text, jpg, AutoCAD, or non-native formats.
  • Axiletech’s Security Services has efficiencies to protect intellectual property within Office e-mail messages and documents which helps to safeguard your corporate assets against accidental or intentional leakage.
  • The content protection reduces the risk of unintentional exposure of confidential materials.
  • Axiletech’s Security service is light, ultimate and extremely efficient which are powerful enough to meet the requirements of medium and large scale organizations.
  • Axiletech’s Security Service is extended concept of Information Rights Management and Digital Right Management to a step ahead with advance audit reporting system in built.
  • It has various features which can easily fit every business need.

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