SharePoint Web Part Development

Web Parts are standard units of information that consist of a title bar, a frame, and content. Web Parts let you to create personalized user interfaces by simply dragging individual Web Parts onto a Web page.

In Windows SharePoint Services the Web Parts provide a way to create interface elements that support for both the acts: personalization and customization. You can customize Web Part pages using a browser or Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007. There can be addition, abstraction and configuration of different Web Parts. Once you have customized the Web Parts, they can be useful to you in the following ways:

  • Improve performance and scalability as a compiled customized Web Parts run faster
  • Implement proprietary code without disclosing the source code.
  • Make Web Parts connectable which lets the Web Parts provide data from other connectable Web Parts.
  • reate a custom Web Part, which can save documents to a Windows SharePoint Services document library.
  • Create a base class for other Web Parts to extend.
  • Control the cache for the Web Part by using built-in cache tools.
  • Allow Web Parts to provide or access data from other connectable Web Parts by making your Web Parts connectable.

Microsoft office SharePoint Server 2007 includes a spectrum of Web Parts which enable users to find useful information and content quickly and easily.

We have a great team for providing solutions for Microsoft Office SharePoint Web Part development. Web Parts make it easy for your users to find the most important information. The ‘mini applications’ of Web Parts can deliver content in a customized way which can enhance your productivity.

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