Cloud Services

Axiletech’s Cloud Management Services assists your business or organizations to achieve greater operational liveliness, better IT governance and well-built integration of components across the enterprise – from applications to provide platforms of cloud infrastructure.

Now a day’s organizations are accepting cloud for its benefit from the scalability, responsiveness and cost –efficiencies which cloud services offers. The acceptance and transformation to a cloud environment is a considerable enterprise undertaking which has a tremendous ways for IT organizations to operate and services are delivered to business users.

Cloud Services

Services made available to businesses or to users as per their demands through the internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers. Cloud services are planned and designed to facilitate easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services ,which are fully managed by a cloud service providers.

Online data storage and backup solutions, web-based email services, hosted offices and document collaboration services, database processing are the example of cloud services.

Cloud Service Providers:

Service suppliers that facilitate customer’s storage or software services available through a private or public cloud network, which means the storage and software, is available for access through the internet.

We at Axiletech, observe cloud as a paradigm which facilitates organizations to operate more proficiently, while it further more facilitates a service-based IT delivery model, resulting in enhanced responsiveness to business needs.

A cloud service with its dynamism scale to meet the requirements of its users, and as the service provider provides the hardware and software necessary for the service, there is no need for a business to arrange its own resources or allocate IT staff to administrate the service.

Benefits of Cloud Services:

  • Scalability
    • From the client perceptive: the ability to “flex” and add capacity on the fly
    • From provider perspective: build in “elasticity” and scale on demand
  • Consistent, IT –based capability supplied commoditized hardware components, use of large scale virtualization beyond processors - such as storage, core applications and development policies.
  • Billing is as per the usage on consumption based, and “pay-per –use “for small contract based.
  • Flexibility in access models, such as web-based interfaces for managerial and as per usage needs.

Cloud is the driving force of business and technology. All kind of organizations require respond to the cloud opportunity for greater, liveliness, flexibility, scalability, improvement and cost effectiveness.

Axiletech’s potential for Cloud Services.

  • Quality and excellent centers.
  • Global Network model.
  • Solution platforms.
  • Solutions Accelerators.

We at Axiletech, help to identify, deploy and automated cloud management systems across multiple platforms and providers. We assist client to apply a sound and steady state management strategy for their cloud systems.