Microsoft Azure Consulting

Microsoft has initiated a “Cloud Operating System” which recognized as Microsoft Windows Azure or the operating system earlier in past recognized as Windows Cloud. Basically Windows Azure is a cloud services operating system which offers development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Platform. It facilitates broad variety of internet services which can offer developers to create web applications in the cloud which delivers on-demand calculate, storage and automated system management.

Windows Azure supplies developers with the capability to host, scale and manage Web applications on the internet through Microsoft data centers. It merges hosting for managing service delivery.

Axiletech is Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Azure Consulting Services Provider:

We at Axiletech are group of Cloud and Azure subject-matter experts who are keen about appreciative organizational outlook, vision and vital business requirements. Axiletech’s Cloud and Azure technology architects work to facilitate your organization to understand the options to simplify execution including: on-premise, composite solutions, and hybrid applications.

Axiletech is more concerned with making sure that our clients have the proper mix of tools and expertise to account for their critical business priorities.

Axiletech presents Azure Consulting services. Team of Axiletech will work closely with your company to build up a customized plan for cloud projects, fundamental equipment, and storage and back up or identity and access management.

Microsoft Azure is a creation which based on cloud computing platform and infrastructure for creating, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.

Axiletech’s Microsoft Windows Azure element comprise

  • Shrink expenses of building and extending on-premises resources.
  • Creation, modification and distribution applications to the Web with minimal on-premises resources.
  • Execute services such as large-volume storage, group processing, forceful or large-volume computations etc.
  • Insert Web service capabilities to existing packaged applications.
  • Creation, testing, debugs and distributes Web services promptly and economically.
  • Reduce the extra efforts and costs of IT management.
  • Classify the step by step approach to move your accessible applications to Cloud.

Microsoft Azure is a flexible cloud platform which facilitates vast computing power to a range of businesses of delivers sizes thereby assuring you good performance with reduced cost.

Axiletech’s Azure Practice panel will work closely with your organization and generate a plan for effective machines, cloud projects, storage and back up or identity and access management.

Reasons for Microsoft Azure Consulting:

  • Shrink the application or server management costs.
  • Payment as per the model of selection.
  • Enhanced insight with Big Data.
  • Your organization can plan infrastructure as per the best utilization of it.
  • Backup and disaster recovery – prevents data loss.
  • Unlimited storage and server space.
  • Microsoft Azure permits to work with current language, framework or tools to build applications.

Axiletech is committed to Microsoft Azure platform as the ideal Cloud Service platform for cloud-based infrastructure, applications, and data storage and identity services.

Axiletech would have help organizations with Azure Cloud execution by offering services to address some of workloads,

  • SharePoint and Web Farms.
  • SQL and Database Storage.
  • Active Directory Identity and its Access.
  • Platform for various Applications.

Our experienced and skilled consultants at Axiletech, identify the technology and take time to understand your exact business needs. This means when we shift organizations to the Azure cloud they are receiving a solution which meets their precise requirements now and into the future.