SharePoint Search

Search in SharePoint Server 2007 has the capacity to let the employees seek out the information and expertise in the organization. It has the capacity to make search in SharePoint document repositories, portal sites, records management vaults, and collaborative workspaces, line-of-business systems and other structured data sources; and in intranet and extranet. The enterprise search feature of MOSS / SHAREPOINT 2007 enables people in your organization to connect with the information they ask for and helps users to indentify the most relevant results. And it helps administrators to manage, deploy and secure the search infrastructures.

Just think about the data spread across the network which is needed by your employees. You need to lessen the time it takes in searching for files. Microsoft SharePoint server 2007 gives you the facility to search with a powerful search engine that can increase the productivity of your company. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 offers the search product that can give the perfect results from intranet and public facing websites. Both the standard and the enterprise edition of SharePoint server 2007 offers core search functionality to users who want to access information easily and promptly. It provides powerful search engines that enable the information workers to find out all the information they need from among a large group of files.

Axiletech can give you the perfect solution through search in MOSS / SHAREPOINT 2007, which not only increases your productivity but also reduces information overload by enabling your employees, partners, and customers to find relevant content in a wide range of repositories and formats.

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